Newark, New Jersey Cemeteries
(Plus ones that were used by Newark residents)

The original Old Burying Ground in downtown Newark was about two and a third acres. As the cemetery grew, Newark officials (1828) purchased a burial place in the eastern end of town and residents were given the opportunity to rebury their ancestors to this new cemetery without expense. In the following decades, the grass and shrubbery of the Old Burying Ground were trampled under and the headstones were scattered, defaced or broken. In 1858 the common council prohibited any more internments in the Old Burying Ground and forbade the establishment of new cemeteries within the Watch and Lamp District. The new cemeteries were placed at least a mile away from the population center for health reasons (the belief that the corpses poisoned the air with their emanations causing Yellow Fever). These new cemeteries were built to also serve the living by providing shade walks, forest groves, shrubbery and flowers where people could go to find sanctuary from the maelstrom of daily life through spiritual and aesthetic repose.

From "Hand book and guide for the city of Newark, New Jersey: carefully edited and compiled from authentic sources" Newark Daily Advertiser Print, 1872:

"Though many of the churches in the city are still surrounded by their old graveyards, internments have long ceased to be made in them. The rural cemetery has superseded all other forms of sepulture, as being not only better adapted to the purpose, but as affording greater certainty that the remains of the dead will remain undisturbed by the extension of the city."

The New Jersey State Cemetery Board
124 Halsey Street
PO Box 45036
Newark, New Jersey 0710


1900 Map of Newark showing the Cemeteries
(the map is just a reference, some cemeteries may or may not have been around in 1900)

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Cemetery Address Status Founded
Clinton Cemetery Association Irvington (Camptown) Active Feb 28, 1844
Coeyman Cemetery Woodside Section Moved  
Colored Grave Yard 20-26 Wall Street Moved From 1872 map of Newark
Evergreen Cemetery Hillside Active  
Fairmount Cemetery South Orange Avenue-Central Avenue, Newark Active 1855
First Baptist Church Burying Ground   Moved  
First Presbyterian Church Cemetery Broad Street Moved (different than the Old Burying Ground)
Fourth Presbyterian Church Cemetery images 129 Washington Street Moved From 1847 Map
Franklin Street Methodist Cemetery Tichenor's Lane, Parkhurst Street and New Jersey Railroad Avenue Moved Nothing is known about this cemetery other than the internments were moved to Fairmount.
German Evangelical Church Cemetery Mulberry Street Moved  
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery/The Bishop's Cemetery Grove Street, Newark/East Orange Active 1859
Lyons Farms Baptist Church Cemetery   Moved  
Mount Olivet R. C. Cemetery 220 Mt. Olivet Ave Active 1871
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 375 Broadway (Belleville Avenue), Newark Active 1844
Newark City Cemetery images Hamburg Place, Newark Inactive From 1847 Map
Old Burying Ground (First Presbyterian Church Cemetery) Broad Street, Halsey Street Moved Original Burying Ground for Newark, moved 1889
Potter's Field Waverly Street, Newark Inactive ~1869
Rosedale Cemetery Orange Active  
Rosemont Memorial Park Elizabeth Active  
St. John's (Old) Catholic Cemetery Mulberry Street/ 174 Belleville Avenue, Newark Moved  
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery Corner of Howard Street and Court Street Moved  
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery Forrest Avenue, East Orange Active  
St. Michael's (Old) Catholic Cemetery Belleville Avenue, between Crittenden Street and Fourth Avenue Moved Moved in the 1950's
Second Methodist Church Cemetery images 54 Halsey Street Moved From 1847 map of Newark
Second Presbyterian Church Cemetery Plane Street (2nd Presbyterian Church) Moved From 1847 map of Newark
Second Roman Cathlic Church Cemetery images Corner of William & Shipman Streets Moved From 1847 map of Newark
Third Presbyterian Church Cemetery 903-917 Broad Street Moved From 1872 map of Newark
Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery Rector Street Moved  
West Newark 670 South 10th Street
68 Brenner Street
Active 1855
Woodland Cemetery
(West Newark Cemetery)
670 South 10th Street
68 Brenner Street
Active 1855
Woodside/Coeyman Family Cemetery Newark (Woodside section) Moved  
Jewish Cemeteries
Acudith Ackim Grove Street, South Orange Avenue Unknown  
Anshai Russia (Cong.) Grove Street, South Orange Avenue Unknown  
Arlington Cemetery Association Belleville Turnpike in North Arlington Unknown  
Belmont Avenue Jewish Cemetery   Unknown 1848, no longer in existence
Bethel Memorial Park   Unknown  
B'Nai Jeshurun (Cong.) Newark/Hillside Unknown  
Grove Street Jewish Cemetery   Unknown 1898
Hebrew Free Burial Society Cemetery Grove Street, South Orange Avenue Unknown  
Mount Olivet Jewish Cemetery   Unknown  
Orden B'Nai Jocob of N. J. 530 South Orange Avenue, Newark Unknown  
Oheb Scholem (Cong.) 526 South Orange Avenue, Newark Unknown  
Sons of Abraham (Order) 526 South Orange Avenue, Newark Unknown  
Talmud Torah Cemetery   Unknown 1896
Union Fields-B'Nai Abraham Cemetery   Unknown 1879