Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

125 Central Ave.
East Orange, NJ 07108

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1,800 interments, 50 acres (1886)

Central Avenue Entrance - Photo from Agnes Wolf - 2001


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The Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Newark

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May 28, 1882 - The Year in Review
October 27, 1901 - Fought at a Grave

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery's mailing address is in East Orange, but half of the cemetery lies in Newark and has served the residents of Newark, NJ throughout it's years of operation (founded 1859). It is not a parochial cemetery (i.e. one that is connected to a parish) but is rather a diocesan cemetery. The cemetery lies just four blocks from Fairmount Cemetery and is almost as large, over 20 square blocks between Grove Street, Central Ave., Birchwood/Maybaum Aves. and South Orange Ave. Holy Sepulchre's entrance is also on Central Avenue (Cemetery Office), with a side entrance on Grove Street. The cemetery is split into two parts by the New Jersey Garden State Parkway, with some headstones just four feet from the shoulder of the roadway.

The records, (Indexes and Day books), for the Cemetery are available in three places. They have been microfilmed by the LDS Family History Center Library and you can order them for viewing through their branches. When accessing the Family History Center's Catalog; look under cemeteries in East Orange to find the holdings for Holy Sepulchre.

Seton Hall University (973-761-9476) also has microfilmed records at it's Walsh Library Special Collection Center. Be aware that there is sometimes a 6 month waiting list to view films due to availability of microfilm readers.

The last place that has the records is the Cemetery itself. Please be aware that the cemetery doesn't employ people to assist genealogists and contacting the cemetery may not yield the positive results of the first two choices.

Father Curley has transcribed some of the headstones, principally those that mention an Irish place of birth.

For further information contact Augustine J. Curley, O.S.B

From "Hand book and guide for the city of Newark, New Jersey: carefully edited and compiled from authentic sources" Newark Daily Advertiser Print, 1872:

"The Cemetery of the Holy Sepulchre, or The Bishop's Cemetery, as it is also called, occupies a most admirable situation in what is destined to be one of the handsomest sections of the city. It fronts eastwardly on Grove Street, and northward on Central Avenue, and contains thirty-eight acres. It is in contemplation to purchase some adjacent tracts of land which will extend the area to about one hundred acres, and give a third front to the Cemetery on South Orange Avenue. The charter was secured in 1871, so recently that of course improvements may only be said to be beginning to developed themselves. The grounds fronting on Grove Street have been divided into three sections, separated by broad avenues, running westward. On the central section of these, improvements have been in progress for sometime, in a way that promises a most beautiful Cemetery in the future. Numerous interments have been made, and many tasteful monuments already erected here. The entrance is by a neat gateway on the principal avenue, called The Way of the Cross. Half-way on, and at a point where the grounds slope gently to the western boundary, this avenue is intersected by another, called The Way of Angels. At the point of intersection, both wind round a small heart shaped reservation, on which is shortly to be erected a mortuary chapel, with receiving vaults where a clergyman from the cathedral will be in attendance to conduct all burial services. Already graves have begun to thicken on the western slope, though for the most part, interments are confined to either side of The Way of the Cross towards the gate. The arrangement of the grounds in the central section are essentially different from that contemplated for the portions to the north and south. The former being intersected by straight walks, running across the grounds on either hand, while in the latter they will be laid out in serpentine walks. On the avenue furthest north, called The Way of the Apostles, a very neat private chapel has been built by the Very Rev. M. A. Corrigan D. D., president of Seton Hall College. Until very recently the woods around the Cemetery had scarcely been opened, but now streets and avenues stretch on every hand, and the handsome character of the villa residences already erected to the north, indicate a section of unusual elegance and beauty."

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Microfilm Numbers of the LDS FHC for Holy Sepulchre


First Name on Microfilm Last Name on Microfilm Microfilm #
Abaso, Angelina Bera, Seabastina 1381912
Beradino, Antonia Burns, Ethel 1381913
Burns, Etta Cerroto, Leonard 1381945
Cerscio, Pasquale Covello, Joseph 1381946
Covello, Mary Denison, Mary E. 1381947
Denison, Roy E. Dufont, Lucia 1381948
Dugan, Angela Fiero, Mariano 1381949
Fiero, Oraozio Garrity, Annie 1381950
Garrison, Edna J. Gumino, Justo 1381904
Guminska, Pitrunela Huebner, Otto 1381905
Huebner, Sebastian Kiernan, John 1381906
Kiernan, John F. Lewandowski, Stanley 1381907
Lewandswkski, Otto Marrigano, Victoni 1381908
Marrilla, Naturo Morris, Michael 1381909
Morris, Nelson McGill, Wm. H. 1381910
McGill, William T. Nolan, Patrick A. 1381911
Nolan, Patrick J. Pellegrino, Frank 1381974
Pellegrino, Ida Reilly, Catherine Ann 1381975
Reilly, Catherine C. Ryan, Timothy A. 1381976
Ryan, Timothy J. Sisko, Michael R. 1381977
Sislicka, Mary Szczeck, Andrzey 1381978
Szczeck, Catherine Uhl, Freda 1381979
Uhl, Louise Winger, Wendelin 1381980
Winicki, Joseph Zywiska, Mary 1381981


First Year on Microfilm Last Year on Microfilm Microfilm #
1859 1870 (Last book on next roll) 1412785
1870 1880 1412786
1879 1884 1412766
1884 1890 1420504
1890 1894 1420505
1894 1899 1420506
1899 1902 1420594
1902 1907 (Last book on next roll) 1420595
1907 1911 1420554
1911 1914 1420555